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We aim to offer simple, healthy food made from real ingredients. The Cafe has wonderful atmosphere thanks to our great team and regular customers. 

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The Story

In 1997 Belgian Hans Van Hooreweghe started a small business in Zimbabwe, specializing in the manufacturing of Belgian chocolates.

In 2006, the trade name VELDEMEERS was introduced (originating from the name Veldemeersdreef, meaning Veldemeers Lane in a charming village in Belgium where Hans lived the first 25 years of his life).

The original chocolate factory is still at Doon Estate, Msasa in Harare and three Veldemeers chocolate and pastry shops were opened in the Northern suburbs of Harare.

Veldemeers became known for top quality Belgian chocolates and pastries made in Zimbabwe.   Because people reacted so well to these European styled products the idea for a European styled Café was born.

Hans went into partnership with well known designer, potter and fabric printer, Ros Byrne who originally started The Shop Cafe at Doon Estate connected to her shop. Ros has always had an interest in good healthy food and homegrown organic products. 

An empty space was offered in Arundel Village, Mount Pleasant, and a building was designed under artistic guidance from Ros and with technical advice from Hans, Café Veldemeers was built and opened its doors to the public on Belgian National Day, the 21st of July 2015.

Almost three years later, Café Veldemeers is ranked within the best Coffee shops in Zimbabwe. The European styled food and casual look is inviting to customers who are looking for a sunny place for breakfast and lunch and a cosy, warm place for dinner.

Our vision is to create a community focused cafe and restaurant with food that spans from an early morning coffee and croissant before work to a glass of wine and tapas in the evening.