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Venue Hire and Catering

Our beautiful location and ample space makes Cafe Veldemeers an ideal venue for a private event. Along with this we offer a tailored catering experience. Cafe Veldemeers is only available for hire for evening events, from 6pm onwards. If you are interested please get in touch well in advance and we are always happy to discuss the possibilities. 

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Event Catering

We can create a personalized menu, platters and canapés, to cater to your requirements for corporate functions or private events.

As we know each event is unique please provide as much information as possible either using the below form or sending an email to our team. 

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Smoked Salmon & Cream Pasta

Smoked Salmon & Cream Pasta

Almond Cake

Almond Cake


Whole Cakes, Tarts & Breads to Order 

Phone us for current prices

This is our speciality. Café Veldemeers originated from Veldemeers Chocolate and Bakery and produces a fine range of cakes, tarts, pastries, breads and rolls.

Feel free to come by the Café and see what we have on offer, if theres something specific you're looking for we always recommend getting in contact beforehand. 

Whether it’s a birthday, engagement party, anniversary, baby shower or just a special dinner, there is always a reason to celebrate with a cake or tart.

For cakes with personalized messages or special requirements please give us 48 hours notice.

Please find our cakes and pastries menu below.